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SGS Coal Conference 2015 - Agenda

Day One, Tuesday, November 24 2015, 9.00 am to 5.00 pm 

Session ONE: Pakistan Power Sector

Building Coal-Fired Power Stations in Pakistan

  • Government policies & plans (locations and magnitude of projects/progress up to date)
  • Fiscal/financial incentives provided, feed-in tariff, return parameters and timelines
  • Potential sites/partners during the development process
  • Risks and challenges in coal power plant development

Pakistan’s Developing IPP Projects – What Can we Expect?

  • Role of coal in Pakistan’s power generation sector
  • Case study for private investment in Pakistan's coal-fired power generation
  • Import trends – sourcing sized coal
  • Key credit drivers for power sector generators
  • Ability of power distribution companies to pay
  • Outlook for merchant power producers

Progressing From Coal Mining to Power Production – What is the Outlook for the Future?

  • Potential to incorporate mine mouth power plants in Pakistan to meet the country’s power demand
  • Taking advantage of a strong financial position to develop power plants
  • Mine mouth power plants – are they a competitive solution for Pakistan’s power market?

Session TWO: Bringing Power to the Masses

Power generation meeting demand remains a concern across Pakistan. With ongoing discussions regarding restructuring of the sector, this panel discussion will offer first hand insights from end-users into the most current concerns for the sector:

  • Recent amendments to the payment and tariff structure
  • Introduction of ‘pass-through’ – potential impact on coal procurement strategies
  • Fuel prices and power prices – opportunities to bring these into sync
  • Investment into the power sector – update on projects coming on stream in next six months
  • Increased import duties and final power prices – what is the relationship?

Session THREE: Pakistan Coal Industries/Consumers

Connecting the Right Coal with the Right End User – A Geographical Study

  • Regional breakdown of thermal and metallurgical coal reserves highlighting strengths and weaknesses
  • Key coal qualities that Pakistan’s end users require when purchasing international coals
  • Opportunities for investment – which are the competitive markets for growing Pakistan presence overseas?

Coal Buyers from the Cement Industry

  • Criteria when buying coal in the cement business
  • Is cheapest always best?
  • Sources of cement – where does the coal come from?

Coal Fired Boilers Technology for Industry Power Solution

Coal Beneficiation & Preferred Washing Technologies

  • Analysing the best coal beneficiation practices available to the Pakistan coal producers
  • Understanding the specifications of Pakistan coal
  • Evaluating associated costs and the point at which upgrading coal is most competitive
  • Strategies for successfully handling the lower rank coals to guarantee effective use

Session FOUR: Coal Trading in Pakistan

Qualities of Pakistan's coal – domestic vs. import requirements

  • Overcoming the issues to ensure sustainable coal production and coal usage in Pakistan
  • Potential financing options and why they haven’t worked to date
  • Existing demand for imported coal and expected future demand for imported coal
  • Domestic pricing and international coal prices – how does an index correlate the differences?
  • Managing the depreciating rupee against the US dollar – strategies for addressing the discrepancy

Day Two, Wednesday, November 25 2015, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Combining International & Domestic Experience to Run Coal Mines at Maximum Efficiency

  • Potential technologies that can be incorporated into Pakistan coal mines
  • Use of software – how would it be used most effectively within Pakistan coal operations
  • Operating a safe supply chain throughout the coal mine – how is this achieved?
  • Operating under secure health and safety regulations – developing the training

Clean & Sustainable Utilization of Pakistan’s Coal Through Technology Innovation

  • Recent innovations in coal technology – how much has been proved and how do these differ from alternative technologies?
  • What technology innovations mean for low rank coal utilisation e.g. in Pakistan?
  • Case study examples of technology use and outline of economics

Session FIVE: Social & Environmental Challenges

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