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Acquire a comprehensive understanding of petroleum system characteristics and predict hydrocarbon generation and migration from source rock to reservoir.

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Successful development of oil and gas fields begins with understanding the characteristics of the petroleum system. Understanding the relation between the source rocks, generated hydrocarbons, migration pathways, and reservoir rocks will enable you to predict reservoir charge and fluid type distribution within the reservoir, leading to a more efficient development of your resources.

Why choose geochemical interpretation & basin modeling from SGS?

Our geochemical interpretation and basin modeling service can help you:

  • Understand the structural and geothermal history of a basin
  • Assess the source rock maturity, hydrocarbon generation, and remaining potential
  • Correlate reservoir fluids to the source rocks and map the migration pathways
  • Predict the distribution of hydrocarbons throughout a basin as well as the fluid type distribution within the reservoir

Smarter solutions using an integrated approach

SGS has more than 20 years experience in subsurface studies, utilizing an integrated approach combining expertise in different disciplines. Based on a client’s objectives we develop a fit-for-purpose solution, whether this involves 1D, 2D, and/or 3D basin modeling. If required, we can seamlessly the integrate geochemical interpretation and basin modeling results with our other services, including PVT data analysis and reservoir modeling, for optimized study results.

Our geochemical interpretation and basin modeling service includes:

  • Global geochemical analytical services for the analysis of source rock and reservoir fluid samples
  • Geochemical data interpretation and source rock characterization
  • Methodical reconstruction of the structural and geothermal basin history
  • 1D/2D/3D basin modeling using one or a combination of the latest software packages, depending on the client’s objectives

Contact us today to find out how our geochemical interpretation and basin modeling service can help you.

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